King Lupin 2K16 – The invasion has begun !

Today we have had an immense surprise in our locals: ten HUGE cardboard boxes!!



We unfolded them…


Brought them back to our locals…

And… Here is the invasion!


Lupin’s invading us!!


Here comes the beast!


Eating our SWEETS!!

Na seriously, isn’t he so cute? He’s so soft, perfect for hugging (without being clawed!)

You want one? There you go :

We hope you will enjoy him being in the neighbourhood!

King Lupin 2K16 – The invasion has begun !

Discover our Christmas sales


Until the 25th of November, a selection of our products come with a discount! So let’s invite ALYS under your or your firends Christmas’ Trees!

You can find two sales categories: the packs are a selections of multiple articles under a theme with a 25% discount and the good deals, unique products with a 15 % discount.

The packs are:

The Digigraphie pack


Contains the ALYS Hiver Digigraphie, and the ALYS poster in A2. It will cost you 52€50 instead of 70€ !

The Douceur pack



Contains the Douceur T-shirt, the Douceur Mug and the ALYS Totebag. It will cost you 48€74 instead of 64€98 !

The Propaganda pack


Contains the ALYS Propaganda poster and the Propaganda post cards set.It will cost you 15€38 instead of 20€50 !

Our selections contains :

  • The Douceur for 25€49
  • The Douceur Mug for 17€
  • The ALYS Totebag for 12€74
  • The Propaganda post cards set for 10€63


And as a bonus, for a 50€ cart the shipping is free! We will also gift you an ALYS Hiver phone strap for a 100€ order.

So send your list to Santa Lupin right now by clicking here !

Discover our Christmas sales

Discover ALYS goodies very first reseller : Tanigami Shop !

We warned you : a lot of things will be announced in September and various things will be. Here is an anticipated suprise for our swiss friends!


Tanigami shops are selling now ALYS goodies! For those who don’t want or cannot buy online on our E-shop, you can now see our goodies at these two adresses:

Tanigami Genève
Rue Rousseau 14
1201 Genève (SWITZERLAND)

Tanigami Lausanne
Rue du Midi 2
1003 Lausanne (SWITZERLAND)

Thanks to Tanigami for their trust. If you want a shop in your area to sell ALYS goodies or Crest CDs, feel free to talk to them of this possibility and send them to us. The more you’ll be to ask those shop and to buy at them, the more you’ll be able to see ALYS goodies in your area!

A step forward has been done, and it won’t be the last! 😉

Keep SHL ! <o>






Discover ALYS goodies very first reseller : Tanigami Shop !

New strap for ALYS Birthday: Lupin, Master of Umans.

The most beautiful, the strongest, the most majestic creature, here is for you the amazing Master of Umans: Lupin.
Strap Lupin recto verso texte

He can be pre-ordered until March 15th, Sunday evening. We will order then this little ball of fur which should arrive 15 days after that. You will be able to order them for Bakanim or Japan Party for a delivery in convention.

This strap is the same price as others, 5 euros ! ^w^ You may find it HERE !

And watch out to the claws! He’s rather sulky!

New strap for ALYS Birthday: Lupin, Master of Umans.

New goodie on the shop: ALYS Hiver strap!

You may have seen it yesterday on the facebook page, or before on our blog when we announced it. Here is a new product on the shop today: ALYS Hiver strap!

Sample Charm ALYS Hiver
You have been numerous to be enthusiastic for this design, therefore we asked Noriko Hayashi if she agreed to make a second strap so that you can take this part of ALYS away with you.

You can now pre-order them and we will order a hundred pieces. Don’t wait anymore if you don’t want to miss yours! We will also order 100 ALYS original straps to replenish our stocks. You can also pre-order them!

Sample Charm ALYS copie42

Here are our current discounts, for those who missed them:

  • Free shipping for 40€ orders or more in December. We could not propose a lot of discount but we wanted to celebrate Christmas with you.


  • Three Tees are available on the e-shop: « Softness« , « Birth« , « Iron ALYS« ! You have been numerous (more than 300) to ask us to produce them, you can no order (or pre-order). Order is being sent at the moment.
  • Our early adopter loyalty program is finishing, therefore 10 euros will earn you 0,05 euro discount, instead of 1 euro discount before. Don’t forget to convert your points into a voucher before tomorrow midnight (December 11th)!
  • Clair de Lune is 49,99€ today instead of 60€ (only today, December 10th)!

clair de lune4


Voilà! Despite our limited means we wanted to propose a large content, all the more so as we want to celebrate the end of the year!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your support!

New goodie on the shop: ALYS Hiver strap!

It’s Christmas for VoxWave!

In order to celebrate it, you can now enjoy our Christmas discount: free shipping after 40€ order!

This discount is also available for pre-order!
(But be careful: shop separates pre-order and orders. Please contact us if you want to mix them!)

Besides this discount, we are happy to announce our new products to you, which will be available soon. Let’s begin with « Naissance » T-shirt designed by Saphirya!

tshirt naissance

Other products are available for pre-order and pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible. You will soon find:


  • A T-shirt inspired by ALYS original.*

images vote teeshirt3


VoxWave wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*Images are non contractual, more accurate pictures will be added as soon as possible.

It’s Christmas for VoxWave!

Team introduction : what we do

Power isn’t determined by your size, but the size of your heart and dreams -Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece.

Hello everyone!

ALYS avenir CT grand format

Welcome on VoxWave shop’s blog! In order to inaugurate this shop, we chose to answer some of your questions.

Some of you indeed wonder what our roles are in the team… And that is only logical since the situation is very complex! We offer you today a small article so as to explain you who we are and what we do within ALYS project.

Introduction of VoxWave central team

On this website, you may have seen our introductions. Here are more detailed ones.

Joffrey : Hello everyone ! I’m Joffrey, project leader on ALYS and CEO at VoxWave. My job mainly consists in making sure that everything is all right within the team, but I am also in charge of all the relationships between the project and the vast oustide world: meeting potential partners, funding research, etc etc… In short, I’m M. Administration!

Lucien : Hello! I’m Lucien, more known on the Internet as Drak-pa. I’m in charge of the technical and linguistic aspect of the project ; basically, I’m in charge of all the linguistic research necessary for the creation and optimization of ALYS French-speaking voicebank. I have also taken care, besides of this job, of all voice manipulation of the voicebank for all the published songs so far, be they Dans mon Monde or Avenir.

TBK : Hello! I’m Axelle, but you can call me TBK. My main role within the team is community management on social networks. I’m in charge of ALYS Facebook, VoxWave’s one, our Twitter account. I answer your email, and I also take care of newsletters. I also forward you all announcement of VoxWave, and answer your questions as fast as possible. I am also webmaster on the official website, on the e-shop, and on this blog (that I created by myself), and update them.. I am also in charge of orders bought on the E-shop (imagine all those products eating slowly my vital space, haha). Finally, I also coordinate various teams (3D animation, songs, etc…) and make sure everyone works together with appropriate tools.

We are three associates and co-founder of « VoxWave SAS ». Thus we are committed to the fundraising and the contact research so as to make this project a success!

Extended VoxWave team: artists.

The extended team was formed during the project so as to make it possible to create new official content with ALYS. Those members also helps us on the project by providing wise advices and ideas on our next steps. Among them are indeed Avenir’s authors, but also a lot of other partners!

 Caroline :  “Note to the reader!” Originally from comic and art books world, and not from speech synthesis world directly, I am here publishing manager. Basically I supervise editorial content by VoxWave (be they public orconfidential). I also have a writing, graphic (drawings, models), and legal expert consulting role within the project, including printed documents, such as  Clair de Lune giclée. My goal: to prove that Japanese inspired pop culture is perfectly legitimate in contemporary France!

Elnawen : My name is Morgane and I am a student in animation! I take in charge a lot of VoxWave graphic identity: flyers, posters, promotional images, etc… and a little part of necessary MMD animation for concerts (it became management since studies are taking a lot of time). More generally I also provide artistic advices and congratulations!

JungYoungRinD. (JYRD) : Hello, there I am: JungYoungRinD. a dancer and choregrapher for VoxWave. I have followed ballet, modern’jazz and hip hop studies, and I am a self-taught choreographer. I am inspired by various genres: new style, lock, top rock, yosakoi, but also Jpop and Kpop. My experience makes it possible for me to create various things on various music styles. Actually, I create choregraph, that are animated after that by all the MMD team run by Morgane for 3D PVs, and of course, concerts..

Kyu : Hail to thee, I’m Kyu, or YKyu, or Yamakyu if you take my complete nickname (you may choose). A bit like a lot of people there, I have known Drak-pa, Joffrey and TBK through VocaloidFR, where I spend most of my free time. Being a student in audiovisual media, I joined VoxWave project as sound technician, so as to, on the one hand make sure that recordings go well (we needed « Y a un chat » to be perfect since we could record it only once!), and on the other to give a hand to Drak-pa as regards various technical aspects inthe making of ALYS voicebank.

Lachesis : Hello, my name on the Internet is Lachesis and my IRL name shall remain for you a mystery which will haunt your darkest nightmares! As Joffrey, TBK and Drak-pa, I made my debut in VocaloidFR community in which I am animator, moderator and editor. I met TBK and Drak-pa there (and have been knowing Joffrey for a while). I am addict to dictionaries, and therefore proposed VoxWave to become a lyricist, which led me to write Avenir lyrics, and this is just the beginning! I also know quite well what is at stake in the community, and I have studied secretariat, making it possible for me to help the team with official documents! Voilà, voilà~

 Miky-Rei : Hello, I’m Miky-rei, and my role is to create animation and promotional videos for ALYS. That is to say that I am in charge of everything once I get the MMD odel, from camera to animation including special effects and composition. I am currently in high school and thus an autodidact in this domain in which I would like to become a professional.

Saphirya : Hey this is Saphi! My role within ALYS projectis to give birth the team’s fantasies (yes I’m speaking about drawings, haha) ! I take in charge some designs of our baby: from concept art to illustrations! I am also in charge of making ALYS popular in China (I am studying in Shanghai) during my spare time, by forwarding news on Chinese social networks, and by participating to pop culture conventions. I volunteered for this task because this project means much to me. I want ALYS to be renowned worldwide!!

Shindehai : Hello, I’m Tai, VoxWave’s Chinese man. Yes because actually, they make you think they work hard but fake, since the beginning I do everything!!
No actually, I’m currently main composer of demonstration songs made with ALYS prototype (but if you hate my music don’t worry, I’ll definitely not be the only one) and I’m in charge of ALYS LIVE (thanks Captain Obvious)concerts which will soon happen everywhere in France =).

Tatsuki : Hey Hey!  °//3//°9 (omg that’s too ugly) Tatsuki standing by! But please call me Tatsu, don’t be shy~ ê3e I am one of the drawing watermelons of ALYS, especially on PVs! I hope ALYS will grow up quickly! This project is really dear to my heart and I hope to covert you to my Alysian madness!

We are only 3 founders within the VoxWave team, but around ten if we count everybody ! 😉

Other artists will soon come to participate in other official ALYS creations, you may discover them very soon. 🙂

Some of us asked us if they could make music or create for ALYS and her prototype. As you can guess, to be efficient for those requests with such a busy team is becoming complicated. Thus, if you really want to propose a song, please send us ( the instrumental part (with song melody), lyrics, and a try by the artist you think fitting for the making of the PV.

Once received everything, we can answer as fast as possible and tell you if we can integrate it to our following releases (in any case a music is never lost!), we will be very pleased to collaborate with you, with a contract (in order to protect your rights thanks to French property code) 😉

Voilà, we are only humans but we keep doing our best in order to help ALYS to grow ! :3

Link to the Shop

Team introduction : what we do